Olympic Bites 18th July 2012

Aarrgghh!! 9 days to go! We thought we'd shre some snippets of what's been happening this week in the world in the lead up to the Games... The Aussies are coming!! 

Louise Burke, featured in Body & Soul (for anyone who missed it!) as the expert behind fuelling our Olympic champions. If any athlete says they don't like veggies, she says "suck it up!" - you can't have the glory without the effort!

Alan McCubbin, from Next Level Nutrition also featured in Body & Soul on foods for performance. He talked about before, during and recovery post events, particularly if the marathon later in the year is within your sights.

We also found this little gem on the Telegraph. Yes - even though it may feature Team GB (grrrr) we were curious to know what athletes were up to around the clock for different sports in the lead up to the Games.  

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The Aussies are comming!! And we can't wait!! 

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