Australian Football (AFL) is a professional sport played extensively throughout Australia and to a lesser degree overseas. The game is played predominantly by men, but there is an increasing level of interest and participation by women. AFL is played from primary school upwards at a variety of levels both amateur & professional.

Pre-season is an intense 3-4 months of training prior to the competition season. During this time, players will work closely with the Fitness Staff and Sports Dietitian to ensure that their training and dietary habits are working toward their goals for the season. For example, a player may need to increase lean muscle mass therefore will be doing a heavy weights program and following a suitable eating plan to support muscle growth.

The AFL competition season runs from March to September. Players train anywhere from 2 (at the amateur level) to 10 sessions (at the elite level) each week and do a variety of different training modalities including weights, skills, swimming, running, recovery and flexibility, in addition to games.

AFL players have specific nutritional goals to address the demands of the sport.

To find out more, click here to view AFL fact sheet (294KB)

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