Fuelling Active Kids

SDA has a range of resources to support our future champions or support your family to get healthy and active:

  • Food for your Sport booklets -  written by Accredited Sports Dietitians Ruth Logan, Lisa Middleton, Lorna Garden, these fantastic booklets specifically targe active children aged 5-11 years, across a range of sports. First published in June, 2001 by the Canned Food Information Service Inc. Revised 2013.
  • Lunch Box ideas
  • Food For Active Families recipe book
  • Fuelling and Cooling the Junior Athlete to provide answers to common nutrition issues for young athletes.

Childhood obesity is a continuing concern in our community but it is multi-faceted and requires the support of the whole family and key social groups within a child's life.You may like to read our factsheet on Managing a child's weight - a family-based approach for more information and evidence-based recommendations. 

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