The Board

Alan McCubbin (President), Simone Allen (Vice-President), Marian Cornett (Company Secretary), Kellie Hogan, Greg Cox, Greg Shaw,  Louise Bell, SImone Austin, Mike Harley.

Management & Staff

Melinda Jacobsen – Executive Officer
Marie Walters – Events & Courses
Georgie Sutherland - Marketing & Membership

Alison Patterson – Accredited Sports Dietitian


SDA has a number of Committees in place to ensure strong governance, expert opinion and input into program development. Each are guided by Board-approved Terms of Reference and Directors are appointed to Committees in accordance with their individual expertise.

  • Education – Greg Shaw (Chair), Greg Cox, Kristen Mackenzie, Alison Patterson, Caitlin Reid
  • Expert Scientific Panel -  Greg Cox (Chair), Louise Bell, Liz Broad, Louise Burke, Michelle Cort, Ben Desbrow, Holly Frail, Karen Inge, Ruth Logan, Helen O’Connor, Fiona Pelly, Gary Slater and Clare Wood.
  • Marketing & Communications - Mike Harley (Chair), Teri Lichtenstein, Brooke Tully, Louise Bell, Simone Allen
  • Finance, Audit & Risk - Marian Cornett (Chair), Ben Janssen
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