The Board

Alan McCubbin (President), Simone Allen (Vice-President), Marian Cornett (Company Secretary), Kellie Hogan, Greg Cox, Greg Shaw,  Louise Bell, SImone Austin, Jeremy Pak, Mike Harley.

Management & Staff

Melinda Jacobsen – Executive Officer
Liza Holdsworth – Membership & Courses
Georgie Clarke - Marketing & Projects

Alison Garth – Accredited Sports Dietitians


SDA has a number of Committees in place to ensure strong governance, expert opinion and input into program development. Each are guided by Board-approved Terms of Reference and Directors are appointed to Committees in accordance with their individual expertise.

  • Education – Greg Shaw (Chair), Greg Cox, Alan McCubbin, Kristen Mackenzie, Alison Garth
  • Expert Scientific Panel -  Greg Cox (Chair), Louise Bell, Liz Broad, Louise Burke, Michelle Cort, Ben Desbrow, David Driscoll, Holly Frail, Karen Inge, Deb Kerr, Ruth Logan, Helen O’Connor, Fiona Pelly, Gary Slater and Clare Wood.
  • Marketing & Communications - Alan McCubbin (Chair), Mike Harley, Teri Lichtenstein, Brooke Tully (Elastick)
  • Finance, Audit & Risk - Jeremy Pak (Chair), Marian Cornett, Ben Janssen
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