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The aim of the travel section is to provide up-to-date nutrition information to a range of people including athletes, sports dietitians, parents, coaches and managers when travelling either domestically or internationally.

When travelling, be it interstate or overseas, there are plenty of nutritional considerations for athletes.  These can range from:

  • language barriers that make food labels difficult to understand
  • new and unfamiliar types of foods available
  • unavailability of usual snack foods or supplements
  • changed time zones
  • altered training regimes

For some athletes, it could be the first time they have had the responsibility to shop, prepare and cook their own meals and snacks. A daunting prospect at the best of times, couple this with a foreign environment and you've got a challenge on your hands!

Sports Dietitians Australia has recognised that this can be a difficult time for athletes, as well as those looking after them. In coming weeks and months SDA will set about providing practical nutrition tips for a variety of situations including preparation prior to departure, while on the journey itself, staying away from home and much, much more.  For general travel nutrition information check out Nutrition and the Travelling Athlete.

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