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February 2014 

2014 Bone Health in Sport Symposium, 1-2 February AIS Canberra. The SMA-ACT & AIS conference committee is delighted to report that the invited speakers are world class with two international keynotes, Dr Madhusmitra Misra, MD, MPH, Program Director, Pediatric Endocrinology; Associate Professor of Pediatrics Mass General Hospital for Children and Harvard Medical School, Boston and Dr Aharon Finestone, MD, MHA; Orthopaedic Department, The Foot and Ankle Unit, Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, Zeriffin, Israel.

Along with esteemed keynotes, a list of international level Australian speakers have been invited and include David Spurrier, Associate Professor Belinda Beck, Professor Robin Daly, Professor Louise Burke, Dr Ken Crichton, Dr Colin McHenry, Dr Bill Walsh and many more.

Sessions will cover epidemiology, endocrinology, gender issues, nutrition, physical therapies, training loads and the environment,  as well as engineering and mechanical properties of bone and how to improve these. The informative sessions will be aimed at giving clinicians a broad and rounded view of all aspects of bone and in particular the risk factors, diagnostic techniques and of course rehabilitation.

The attendees from the symposium will gain both background information as well as techniques and principles which they can implement on the first day back at work.

For a full list of speakers and registration visit the conference blog

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