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Welcome to our Resources section where you'll find:

Here's the latest on Smartphone apps for sports dietetics - Part 1 and Part 2. Our thanks to Michelle Jospe (University of Otago) for sharing these with us!

Stuck for a gift idea? What about one of the Survival Cookbook series ?


Developed by a team of sports dietitians at the Australian Institute of Sport and athletes themselves, these books are not only aimed at athletes, but anyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy diet in a busy lifestyle. Recipes are accompanied by a nutritional analysis, cooking hints and a selection of tips from AIS athletes. Quick and delicious, the recipes are designed to provide maximum energy and nutrition with minimal time and effort. ($29.95 each)

- Survival For the Fittest - Recipes for busy athletes and health and fitness professionals
- Survival Around the World - Delicious and foolproof recipes for travelling athletes
- Survival For Active Families - Struggling to feed your family healthy and nutritious recipes? This is for you!  

Members can log into the website and purchase via our Online Store

You might also be interested in these other Nutrition Titles, available from our friends at Human Kinetics:

Advanced Sports Nutrition - 2nd edition. ($28.95)

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook - 4th edition ($23.95)

Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance ($22.95)

Performance Nutrition ($29.95)

Fitness Nutrition for Special Ditary Needs ($45.50)

NSCA's Guide to Sport & Exercise Nutrition ($53.00)

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