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ASADA Update – July 2019

ASADA provide contributions from Medicine, Science, Legal and Education teams to cover topics relevant to Sports Dietitians working in all areas of sport from participation to elite environments.

Topics include:

  • Setting the scene with discussion of sanctions from supplements and HESTA / informed sport supplement contamination research.
  • Science will discuss cross-contamination of meat from clenbuterol and the process of batch testing of supplements.
  • Legal will explore the no fault clause in the WADA code and how this can inform practice of SDA practitioners, what to document when prescribing supplements and what athlete support personal WADA code rules are applicable to dietitians.
  • Medicine will review the AIS supplement framework and the cross over between medical and performance supplements and who should be prescribing what for maximal safety and performance.
  • The Education team will cover resources for SDA practitioners, the ASADA app and other athlete and practitioner specific resources.

Click here to view: ASADA Update – July 2019

Joanna McMillan

27 August, 2016 – Dr Joanna McMillan – a2 Milk: Can you really ‘feel the difference’?

A1 and A2 beta-casein: Searching for common ground and moving the science forward – Summary Report from a Closed Workshop of Expert Health Care Professionals

Disclosures in relation to the Closed Expert Workshop

Greg Shaw

17th November, 2015 – Greg Shaw –  Working with adolescent athletes

Peter Reaburn

20 August – Peter Reaburn – Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes 

Supporting slides + Q&A discussion

Link to Peter’s edited book “Nutrition and Performance in Masters Athletes” that was published earlier this year by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis: https://www.crcpress.com/Nutrition-and-Performance-in-Masters-Athletes/Reaburn/9781439871874

Peter also has his own blog where his other book “The Masters Athlete” is available in hardcopy or pdf with separate chapters also available in pdf: http://www.mastersathlete.com.au/

Liz Broad

21 May, 2015 – Liz Broad (US Olympic Committee) – Working with Athletes with Disabilities

Trent Stellingwerff

5 May, 2015 – Trent Stellingwerff (Canadian Sport Institute Pacific) – Periodisation

Cassie Govan

12 February, 2015 – Cassie Gowan (Empirica Research) – Nutrition & Exercise Habits of Active Australians (SDA market research insights)