Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

Our Rating:

2.5 apples (out of 5)

Flavours available:

  • Chocolate milk and cereals
  • Fruit and fibre
  • Crunchy oats
  • Honey and nut
  • Cranberry


Fruit & Fibre –  Cereals 54% (Wheat flour 18%, wholegrain cereals 36% (wholegrain wheat flour 17% oat flakes 15% wholegrain rye flour 1.0%, wholegrain rolled barley 1.0%, wheat flakes 1.0%)), sugar, vegetable oil, dried fig pieces 7.9% (figs, rice flour), buckwheat, inulin, puffed rice 3.5% (flours (rice, oat, wheat), malted wheat flour, whey powder (from milk)), raising agents (500, 503), emulsifiers (472e, soy lecithin), skim milk powder, salt, flavour, mineral salt (450).

The Stats (Fruit & Fibre):

Nutrient Per 100g Per serve (4 biscuits)
Energy – kJ  (calories) 1680 (402) 841 (201)
Protein (g) 7.4 3.7

FatTotal (g)

Saturated Fat (g)





CarbohydrateTotal (g)

Sugars (g)





Dietary Fibre (g) 8.8 4.4
Sodium (mg) 124 62

Nutrient Claims:

Rich in cereals; Source of fibre; Low GI; Made with 5 wholegrains

The good news:

  • Convenient, easy on the go snack – useful for keeping in your sports bag
  • Portion controlled in individual packets to avoid overeating
  • Higher in fibre than many other commercial biscuit options
  • Good taste, not overly sweet

The not-so good news:

  • Long ingredient list with many artificial additives
  • High in sugar, with almost 3 teaspoons per serve
  • Low in protein
  • Consumed alone they don’t make up a balanced breakfast, with suggestions to include dairy, fruit and tea or coffee alongside the product.

Bottom Line:

Belvita breakfast biscuits are marketed as a breakfast alternative for those who might struggle to sit down to eat in the morning. They are convenient, a good source of fibre and taste great, but with their long ingredient list and added sugar, are more akin to sweet biscuits than breakfast food. These biscuits are heavily processed, and realistically are not a great breakfast.

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