Careers in Sports Nutrition

Four SDA members share their sports nutrition career journey in this series of videos.

Accredited Sports Dietitians work with a wide variety of active Australians, from elite sporting teams and athletes to ordinary Australians doing extraordinary things, like trekking solo to the North Pole; or rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean in world record time.

To become an Accredited Sports Dietitian, you must study to become a qualified dietitian and then specialise in the area of nutrition for sport and exercise. For career pathways to become a qualified dietitian, the Dietitians Association of Australia lists all of the recognised courses to get you there:  

If you are already a qualified dietitian and want to specialise in sport, our Career Development Pathway has more information about how you can become an Accredited Sports Dietitian.

Clare Wood, one of our members in Perth, also has some great information about her career pathway and FAQs about working as a sports dietitian here -


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