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  • Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

    Supporting Ovarian Cancer

    The female athlete was a key area of focus of SDA’s founding President Helen O’Connor. Sadly, we lost Helen earlier this year to ovarian cancer. If you would like to support research into ovarian cancer, an option will appear on the registration page to make a $5 donation, which will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. No obligation, just if you would like to.

    Leading the push for better

    Established in 2000, the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) has grown to become Australia’s leading independent body dedicated to funding national ovarian cancer research.

    They demonstrate leadership in the ovarian cancer space through:

    • prioritising research that will have the biggest impact for the most women
    • collaborating with ovarian cancer experts to identify and pursue the most promising projects
    • embracing a dual focus on both the present (reducing the lethal threat for women today) and the future (striving for complete eradication of ovarian cancer).
  • SDA Female Athlete Symposium: Clarifying the Evidence

    Register here to book your place for the Female Athlete Symposium: Clarifying the Evidence

    MC’d by SDA Fellow Kerry Leech, leading presenters in the field will unpack the current research in this space to ensure clarity of the evidence.  This fully online symposium will deliver an update of the current research and its translation into a collaborative and practical sports science approach to female athlete performance.

    Thursday 22 October 2020, 9.00am-4.30pm AEDT 

    Presenters include:

    • Associate Professor Kirsty Elliott-Sale
    • Doctor Rachel Harris
    • Advanced Sports Dietitian Eliza Freney
    • Sports Dietitian Fiona Sutherland

    Learning objective: What are the nuances of the female athlete that sports dietitians and athlete support staff need to be aware of in order to tailor their practise?

    Pre Learning: There will be a brief pre-learning component which will provide some background ahead of the symposium.  You will be sent the link for this a week prior to the symposium.

    Prerequisites:  This symposium is specifically for sports dietitians, sports scientists/sports health professionals and coaches.  If you are not eligible to attend this symposium, please leave us your details so that we can look to run future events targeted for your needs.

    SDA CDP Points: 30

    NB Registration is a two-step process.  Registrants will receive their unique link prior to 22 October.

    SDA Members $110 inc gst (ensure you are logged in to access the member discount)
    Non-members $125 inc gst

    If you have any queries, please contact Emilia,

  • Webinar – Adaptive® New Zealand blackcurrants – A breakthrough natural sports performance enhancer

    The Product:

    2before® blackcurrant powder contains the optimum dose of New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanins, in a water-soluble berry juice powder that is easily consumed as a shot, pre-activity. The brand name reflects the time period that the product is most effective, in the first 2 hours while the anthocyanins are rising in the blood.  2before® allows dietitians to follow food first principles and would support those athletes following a plant-based diet.  2before® is tested to ensure it does not contain banned substances and is Informed Sports certified.

    The Researcher:

    Through 10+ years of painstaking science, Dr Roger Hurst and his team at Plant & Food Research have pioneered the discovery of the unique benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants for sports performance and recovery in in-vitro and intervention studies. Over this time, Roger and the team have discovered and revealed the science that underpins the unique functionality of 2Before™ blackcurrant powder. Dr Roger Hurst is a Principal Scientist at Plant & Food Research.

    The Sports Dietitian:

    Dane Baker is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian who has worked extensively with New Zealand’s leading teams and sporting organizations over the past 10 years. Preferentially, Dane follows food first principles for his athletes but also understands the physical toll that the level and intensity of modern training can have on his athletes. Therefore during his time as a sports dietitian, Dane has been interested in supplementation with natural bioactives and one area of particular interest has been natural polyphenols. As the scientific evidence on the sports recovery benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants grew, Dane started using and recommending anthocyanins from New Zealand blackcurrants to his athletes.

    Learning outcomes

    1. The emerging science of polyphenols (Dane Baker)
    2. Summary of latest research into Adaptive® New Zealand blackcurrants (Roger Hurst):
      1. Performance improvement meta-analysis
      2. Oxidative stress management
      3. Immunity maintenance
    1. Optimum effective dose and consumption timing (Roger Hurst)
    2. Current understanding of mechanism of action (Roger Hurst)
    3. Why Adaptive® blackcurrants are different to other polyphenol sports products (Roger Hurst)
    4. Maintenance and enhancement of benefits with regular consumption (Roger Hurst)
    5. Sports team application (Dane Baker)

    This webinar was brought to you by Adaptive® New Zealand blackcurrants

    Date: Thursday 17th September 2020 Time: 12:00pm AEST

  • Clinical Sports Nutrition – 5th Edition, Burke & Deakin (e-Book)

    Now available as an e-Book, the complete practical and clinical reference provides the latest sports nutrition information, drawing on scientific research from around the globe.

  • “Milk” – An Alternative View: Insights & Evidence

    Alternatives to milk are all over our social media feeds and supermarket shelves.

    Hear about the latest consumer research, ABS data, and what Sports Dietitians are hearing from their clients about milk alternatives. We will also explore considerations that need to be taken into account from a nutritional standpoint, and the evidence base behind the implications of using these products as alternatives to dairy milk.

  • Mindful Fuelling

    Fiona Sutherland shares her insights into how you can support your athletes balance the need to fuel for training with other areas of their life.

    Mindfulness can be a highly valuable strategy to support athletes in finding ways to balance adequate nutrition for performance with other aspects of life such as growth & development, social eating, body composition requirements & fun!

  • Are Your Students Supplement Savvy

    In this current era of burgeoning supplement use, including a high prevalence within secondary schools, coupled with rising anti-doping rule violations, are your students supplement savvy?

    Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA), in partnership with Informed Sport, have developed an education program that supports you and your young athletes in this topical area.

  • Clinical Sports Nutrition – 5th Edition, Burke & Deakin (hardcopy)

    The complete practical and clinical reference providing the latest sports nutrition information, drawing on scientific research from around the globe.

  • Portion plates

    Do you struggle with managing your meal sizes? Accredited Sports Dietitian Stephanie Gaskell has solved your problem. The portion plates help act as a memory aid, if you use it enough it will remind you to learn to balance your meals and portions.

  • Clinical Sports Nutrition – 4th Edition

    A complete practical and clinical reference that provides state-of-the-art sports nutrition information. Each chapter contains specific reviews followed by practice tips.

  • Dairy Foods: Weight, Body Composition & Health (online module)

    This 30min Online Learning Module will provide fitness professionals—and anyone seeking clarification—with current scientific knowledge to best support clients regarding the consumption of dairy products and its role in their daily diet.

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