About Us

We are Australia’s peak professional body for dietitians specialising in sports nutrition.

Our members help active people maximise their exercise goals with credible, evidence-based nutrition. Sports Dietitians Australia members work across a range of settings including private practice, team sports (professional and amateur), the AIS & National Institute Network, National Sporting Organisations, academia and industry.


Sports Dietitians Australia’s 2023-26 Strategic Plan has an intention of further growing the visibility and credibility of the sports dietitian profession. Through education, recognition, connection and strategic partnerships, the plan is designed to enable members to take their performance to the next level, so they in turn can take the organisations and individuals they support to their next level in health, performance or productivity.


Our Committees

SDA Board

Sally Walker – President
Pip Taylor – Vice President
Alex Marzella – Company Secretary
Dom Condo
Kerry Leech
Sally Anderson
Cally Scivetti – Appointed
Luke Cornish – Appointed

Education Commiteee

Greg Cox
Ali Disher
Sally Anderson
Kerry Leech
Ricardo Costa
Bethanie Allanson

Finance, Audit & Risk Committee

Alex Marzella
Fiona Mann

Marketing & Partnerships Committee

Cally Scivetti
Dom Condo
Luke Cornish
Pip Taylor

Our Partners

SDA welcomes enquiries from organisations wishing to partner with us - please contact us for further information.

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Sports Dietitians Australia
Sports House, 375 Albert Road
South Melbourne VIC 3206
Tele: 03 9699 8634

Media Spokespeople

Marie Walters
Executive Officer
Tel: 03 9699 8634