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We are Australia’s peak professional body for dietitians specialising in sports nutrition.
Our members help active Australians maximise their exercise goals with credible nutrition.

With a rich history, it’s difficult to mention all of SDA’s highlights and achievements – here’s the best of the best.


  • 515 members & a growing subscriber community


  • Partnership with Informed Sport
  • Our Conference grew to 2 days !
  • Launched this new website


  • Position Statement on Sports Nutrition for the Adolescent Athlete published in IJSNEM
  • 456 members


  • Sports Supplement Symposium


  • 15yr anniversary celebrations and Inaugural SDA Conference & Public lecture


  • Partnership with Kellogg’s Sustain (on-pack) & Dairy Australia


  • Sports Nutrition Course delivered in Canada
  • 400 members


  • Career Development Pathway implemented
  • 378 members


  • SDA launches Nutrition for Exercise & Sport Course
  • Sports Nutrition Course delivered in New Zealand
  • 292 members


  • Steering Committee established to develop Career Development Pathway
  • Partnership with Almond Board of Australia & Sustagen Sport
  • First international Sports Nutrition Course delivered in Singapore
  • SDA celebrates 10yr anniversary


  • Fellowships introduced


  • Collaboration with Fitness Australia to present information and publications to fitness instructors
  • 277 members


  • Sydney Olympics – SDA members ‘man’ Athlete kiosk & virtual help desk for Olympic web questions
  • Launch by John Howard of FIT KIDS book with Lisa Curry-Kenny
  • Clinical Sports Nutrition text launched
  • Medical Journal of Australia Supplement on “Recommendations for Nutrition and Physical Activity for Australian Children”, initiated by SDA and funded by Uncle Toby’s


  • SDA takes ownership of AIS Sports Nutrition Course, (which started in 1993)
  • Regular articles in Women’s Day, Triathlon Sports & Network Magazines
  • 238 members


  • Healthy Food Outlet Menu at MCG


  • Media campaign on fluids with Gatorade
  • On pack endorsement begins with Uncle Tobys Sport Plus
  • 140 members


  • First FUEL newsletter issue edited by Glenn Cardwell
  • October – SDA incorporation and launch at SMA Conference
  • Partnership with Gatorade

The beginning

  • Partnership with Uncle Toby’s in-kind support to get SDA off the ground
  • SDA Website launched
  • 181 Members

Our Committees

SDA Board
Education Commiteee Greg Shaw (Chair)
Greg Cox
Ali Disher
Kathryn Jackson
Finance, Audit & Risk Audit Anoop Singh (Chair)
Eliza Freney
Expert Scientific Panel Greg Cox (Chair)
Louise Bell
Liz Broad
Louise Burke
Michelle Cort
Ben Desbrow
Karen Inge
Ruth Logan
Helen O’Connor
Fiona Pelly
Gary Slater
Clare Wood

Our Partners

SDA welcomes enquiries from organisations wishing to partner with us - please contact us for further information.

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Alison Patterson
Advanced Sports Dietitian
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