Careers in Sports Nutrition




Accredited Sports Dietitians work with a wide variety of active Australians, from elite sporting teams and athletes to ordinary Australians doing extraordinary things

Accredited Sports Dietitians are qualified across the full nutritional requirements of an individual.  People are not active, exercise or compete in a vacuum.  Our bodies are complex and often have multiple needs to be met and the foundation of a dietetic qualification and clinical experience enables Accredited Sports Dietitians to understand and integrate all aspects of an individual’s nutritional needs, in addition to their fuel for sport.

To become an Accredited Sports Dietitian, you must study to become a qualified dietitian and specialise in the area of nutrition for sport and exercise. Dietitians Australia lists all recognised dietetic courses to get you started.

If you’re a qualified dietitian and keen to specialise in sport, SDA has established a career pathway to assist you in attaining the highest level of qualification available in sports nutrition.

The pathway recognises the different levels of qualifications and experiences that exist within the sports nutrition industry, and offers members continuing education and professional development opportunities and resources to stay up to date and at the forefront of sports nutrition information in Australia.

SDA offers a range of memberships from Student through to Life and is committed to supporting all members along their career pathway.

More information about member categories, fees, benefits and the career pathway to becoming an Accredited Sports Dietitian can be found here: Categories and Fees.