Nutrition for Illness and Injury Webinar Series


Cost: $140.00 Member

CPD Points: Professional Development > Attendance > SDA Sports Nutrition Lecture/Tutorial/Webinar Attendance (min. 1 hour)  = 10 pts
*You will get a total of 50 points for the bundle

Join us for the SDA Nutrition for Illness and Injury webinar series as we hear from highly regarded sports scientists, dietitians and medical practitioners in this field.

This series will examine the role that nutrition can play in both the prevention of, and rehabilitation from illness and injury. There are five modules in this series and each module will address the physiology of, and nutritional therapy for illness or specific injuries, providing a broad perspective of the topic and practical applications for sports dietitians:

  1. Illness and Immunity
  2. Concussion
  3. Bone
  4. REDS update
  5. Tendon and ligaments

For more information around the dates of each module please download the program outline here.