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Webinar: Mindful Fuelling

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Fiona Sutherland shares her insights into how you can support your athletes balance the need to fuel for training with other areas of their life.

Mindfulness can be a highly valuable strategy to support athletes in finding ways to balance adequate nutrition for performance with other aspects of life such as growth & development, social eating, body composition requirements & fun!

For athletes specifically, mindfulness is an approach which invites and guides athletes to approach fuelling a little differently. It does not ignore nutritional needs that are demanded by training and competition, but rather encourages athletes to use awareness and curiosity so that they learn to experiment, test their body’s responses and determine what works best for them whilst working alongside nutrition knowledge. In other words, mindful eating is about bringing together the ideas of outer wisdom (nutrition knowledge) & inner wisdom (what we know & understand about ourselves and our bodies).

You can review Fiona’s blog here:  Why Mindful Fuelling for Athletes

Fiona is kindly offering her Mindful Fuelling cards to SDA members at a discount:  Buy Mindful Fuelling Cards

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