SDA Webinar Recording


Cost: $100 Member | $150 Non-member

Webinar: Adolescent Webinar Series

Format: All webinars will be pre-recorded and loaded into Moodle for you to access and enjoy at your own convenience
CDP Points: Professional Development>Attendance>SDA Sports Nutrition Lecture/Tutorial/Webinar Attendance = 10 pts per webinar

*you will get a total of 50 points for the bundle



Our mission at SDA is ‘to enhance the performance and health of all by supporting, educating, and advocating the role of sports dietitians’.

SDA webinars continue to offer accessible professional development and this year as part of the 2021 education program we are pleased to present the SDA Adolescent Webinar Series: Supporting Pathway Athletes. In this series we will cover 5 topics:

1 Pre-learning -pre-recorded webinar (CORE: Theoretical physiology, biochemistry, and metabolism). Pre-recorded and available early August
2 Energy and nutrient requirements (CORE: Energy and nutritional requirements) LIVE: Tuesday 7 September 2021
3 Energy and nutrient requirements growth and development: A practical approach (CORE: Translational energy and nutritional requirements). LIVE: Tuesday 5 October 2021
4 Meeting energy and nutritional demands- A practical approach (CORE: Translational life skills)

LIVE: Tuesday 16 November 2021


5 Being Elite at a Young Age: How to Prevent injury and absorb the daily training demands (CORE: Managing potential health implications). LIVE: Tuesday 7 December 2021


Date: The series will launch on 3 August 2021.

Format: All sessions (excluding the pre-learning) are live sessions, running one session a month over a 5 month period.