Mindful Eating

Join Sports Dietitian Naomi Fitzpatrick as she takes you through the process of mindful eating!


Short Yoga sequence

Join Rachel Stentiford, Accredited Sports Dietitian and qualified yoga teacher, as she takes you through a short sequence yoga activity!

This short yoga sequence  combines breathwork, poses and a short body scan, with the intention to slow down and connect inwards. You can do these on a yoga mat, carpet or on your bed. The sequence can be carried out with eyes open or closed.

20 minute practice:

Sit comfortably, cross legged on a cushion or sitting on your heels with a straight spine.

Box breathing, 8 rounds

Remaining seated, follow the box, starting with an inhale. Repeat for eight full rounds. The eight rounds can be counted by gently moving your thumb along each finger on your right and then left hand.

Seated Cat Cow, 8 rounds

To warm up the spine, remain in a seated position. Inhale for four seconds while lifting the head up towards the ceiling and opening the chest forward, feeling the stretch at the front of the neck and the chest. Exhale for four seconds while pulling the belly button inwards, curving the spine and dropping the chin to chest. Repeat for eight rounds.

Thread the Needle, 2 minutes either side

For a spinal twist, come to all fours, hips stacked over knees with hips square to the ground, take your right arm and thread it under your left, then reach your left arm out in front, stacking your shoulders, left on top of right. Hold for two minutes and then slowly switch sides.

Butterfly, 4 minutes

To stretch the hamstrings and lower back, in a seated position with legs in front of you, bring soles of feet together, knees opening out. If you take your feet further from the groin, this allows for more stretch in the lower back as you lean forward. You may wish to have a cushion to rest your chest on for support in this pose. Hold for 4 minutes while continuing with a steady breath.

Lie on your back, legs out long and arms relaxed by your side, and take a moment to allow the stretch to rebound.

Bananasana, 2 minutes either side

To open up the side body, lying flat on the ground reach your arms along the ground above your head, keeping the pelvis centred and facing up, take your feet to the right side of the body and do the same with your arms. For a greater stretch, cross your left foot over your right and take hold of your left hand with your right hand and pull gently. Hold for 2 minutes and then repeat on the left side.

Body scan, approx. 4 minutes

If you have time while lying down, returning to legs out long and arms relaxed by your side, slowly move your consciousness around the body, starting at the fingers of your right hand, moving up to the shoulder, down right side of body, hip, thigh, knee, ankle and down to the toes on the right side. Follow this sequence on the left side also. Once complete, allow a moment to lie and be aware of how your body and mind are feeling. When ready, wriggle your fingers and toes and slowly come back up to sitting, ready to continue mindful practices into the rest of your day.



Sweet Potato Brownies

These vegan brownies will have you coming back for more, and more!

Sweet potato adds to the gooey texture while adding antioxidants, vitamins A and C.

Download the ‘Sweet Potato Brownie’ recipe below.

Mindful Eating Factsheet

To explain ‘mindful eating’, first we have to start with understanding ‘mindfulness’. Mindfulness is deliberately shifting your attention to the present moment in a non-judgmental manner. Mindfulness is tuning into your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations you are having in this very moment. It is not about judging or reacting to any of these sensations, but about noticing them with curiosity.

Mindfulness is a well-researched practice. Just like training for sport, mindfulness is a practice that you can embed within your day. For example, take a moment to stop right now, take a deep breath in…and out. Now, try to hear and listen to your heartbeat. Your heart is beating all of the time, but it often goes unnoticed (except when those pre-competition nerves hit!)

Mindful eating is the specific application of mindfulness practice to eating. Mindful eating is bringing present moment awareness to the food and eating experience. Mindful eating works together with nutrition information. Both internal cues (such as the information received from inside your body e.g. hunger) and external cues (your nutrition and food knowledge e.g. what your accredited sports dietitian has taught you) can be used thoughtfully to navigate the type, amount and timing of nutrition that works best for you at the present time.

For more information download our ‘Mindful eating’ factsheet.