High Protein Pancakes

If you are stuck for ideas of what to feed or how to entertain your active kids during isolation or school holidays – well, look no further because Accredited Sports Dietitian Ola Luczak has you covered with her tantalising nutrient rich, high protein pancakes! These are delicious, easy to make and incredibly versatile as they can be enjoyed as a snack or for breakfast!

Watch this video to cook along side Ola Lucak, Accredited Sports Dietitian


Click here to download the recipe

Unfortunately many growing adolescent athletes or active kids feel the need to use protein powders to help their bodies and muscles grow – this is simply not the case and in fact can be very dangerous.

All of your young athlete’s protein needs can be achieved from whole foods and a food first approach as described by Ola!

For further information about Sports Nutrition for Adolescents athletes, you can read our position statement here and download our brand new factsheet and infographic for more nutritional goodness!