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How nutritional needs change as you age

By SDA member, Nic Berlin Most people would agree that when we age, it feels like everything changes. Many physiological…

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Following the recent Sports Dietitians Australia (“SDA”) Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting, we are pleased to announce the following…

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SDA 2022 Member Only Workshop Event

SDA is pleased to invite members to attend our full day F2F event at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre…

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SDA Non-Executive Director

SDA is recruiting for an appointed Non-Executive Director Combine your love of sports with your love of business! Join an…

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MEDIA RELEASE – Fuelling frontline healthcare workers with sports nutrition strategies

A critical aspect of managing the COVID-19 pandemic is that healthcare workers prioritise their own health so that they can…

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Skinfolds: What’s the deal?

Skinfold measurements are one of the tools that can be used to monitor and track athletes’ adaptation to training and…

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SDA Non-Executive Director Finance, Audit & Risk

SDA is recruiting for an appointed Non-Executive Director Finance, Audit & Risk focus + company secretary responsibilities Combine your love…

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Media Release – Gaye Rutherford announced as SDA president of the Board

Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Gaye Rutherford to President of the Board. This follows…

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SDA Coaches Toolkit Stage 2

Welcome to the Coaches Toolkit developed for you by Australia’s leading Sports Dietitians. We are thrilled to release and provide…

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SDA Coaches Toolkit

Welcome to the Coaches Toolkit developed for you by Australia’s leading Sports Dietitians. Australia’s coaches have asked and we have…

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12 Tasty and Nutritious Recipes

Sports Dietitians Australia recommends that you eat a wide variety of food with wholesome ingredients that provide rich sources of both…

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Junior sport half-time snacks: Oranges still the winner!  Kids all over Australia spend their weekends playing junior sport which is…

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Australia’s top sports scientists and dietitians guide your nutrition in the heat  A team of Australia’s top sports scientists, medical…

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Game Changing? Or just misleading? Athletes all around the world are asking themselves if they should become vegan following the…

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Media Release – Supplement Use in Sports

Athletes can find themselves in hot water Australia is reeling with the news of one of its athletes testing positive…

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Supplementing for Performance

The protein industry is synonymous with exuberant advertising and false promises of six-pack abs and mega muscles, but sports supplement…

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How to Build the Perfect Sandwich for Performance

sandwich for performance

Whether you’re fuelling for a competition or recovering from an intense training session, a sandwich is the perfect ‘throw together’…

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What is the Alkaline Diet & Can it Improve Performance?

Alkaline Diet

One fad diet which has withstood the test of time is the Alkaline Diet, but what effect does it really have for athletes?

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Training Camps

training camps

Many athletes heading off on training camps pay a lot of attention to the training schedule and packing essential gear, but they often overlook nutrition – which can be the difference in your results!

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The Importance Of Weight At The Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup

Due to strict weight requirements in their sport, jockeys typically prioritise foods that provide maximum energy for minimum weight.

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AFL on the Other Side of the Boundary Line

Nutrition for AFL umpires

Whilst they may not be at the top of your mind, footy season is also a demanding time for the umpires. So what are the nutrition needs of umpires and if you’re an umpire, what should you eat?

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10 Tips from Australian Marathon Champ Jess Trengove

2017 London Marathon - Jessica Trengove by Katie Chan, used under CC BY-SA 2.0, cropped from original

Australian Marathon champ Jess Trengove (Glasgow Commonwealth Games bronze medallist) shares with us her top 10 marathon tips for race day success.

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Muscle Cramps and How to Reduce Your Risk

muscle cramps

By Andrew Hall, AccSD.   What is a muscle cramp A muscle cramp is a sudden, involuntary, painful contraction of a…

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How to Make Weight for Competition the Right Way

Make weight for competition

By Hannah Every-Hall, AccSD.   Avoid crash dieting and make weight for competition the right way   As we know, many sports…

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How to Boost your Post-Ride Recovery in the Café

café recovery

Cycling is synonymous with a café culture that, for some, is the motivation for jumping on the bike. For others…

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Carb Loading for Success: What You Need to Know

carb loading success

By Alison Patterson, AdvSD.   Carbohydrate loading, or carb loading, is a key sports nutrition practice that has permeated public consciousness,…

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How to Stop the ‘Hangry’ in Active Kids

fuelling active kids

By Ai Jerome, SDA Member.   Even kids get ‘hangry’ and when it hits it can be tough getting the…

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Could Insects be the Protein Source of the Future?

insect protein

By Demi-Maree Faulkner, Provisional Member.   Does the thought of eating bugs make you cringe? You may want to think…

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5 Reasons Why You’re Hungry on Rest Days

By Ali Disher, AdvSD.   Why am I SO hungry? “I don’t know what it is but I often feel…

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How Intermittent Fasting Affects Your Performance

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting diets have grown in popularity over recent years; touted to promote weight loss, superior fat ‘burning’, increase insulin…

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The Ultimate Guide to Natural Australian Antioxidants


By Gemma Sampson, AccSD.   Regardless of your preferred physical activity, exercise fundamentally places stress on the body. But what…

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How To Not Be Fooled By The Latest Fad Diets

Avoid being fooled by fad diets

The start of a new year is always filled with tough decisions and resolutions: what are my race goals? What…

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How to Maintain Your Exercise Routine in the Holidays

managing the holidays

By Holly Smith, AccSD.   Holidays are a time for spending with family and friends. As the number of social…

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5 Important Things to Know About the Sugar Debate


There has been a whole lot of press about sugar recently. Turn on the TV, pick up a magazine, scan…

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Food or Supplements: Which is Best?

By Sally Garrard, AdvSD.   We all know the cheeseburger-and-fries competitor, the one who, despite using a drive-through after training…

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Female Bodybuilding: How to Compete Safely


By Kathy Benn, AccSD and Peta Hood, AccSD.   Bodybuilding is a tough sport to compete in, regardless of gender….

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Hydration: How Much Should You Drink During Exercise?

As the weather starts to warm up again, it’s time to ditch the winter thermals and start re-focusing on your…

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Boosting the Immune System

immune system

With the mornings becoming cooler and days getting shorter, it’s a good time to look at some of the myths…

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Tour de France Nutrition

By Alan McCubbin, AdvSD.   It’s July again. If you live in the southern half of the country it’s freezing…

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Bars vs Gels vs Drinks

It is important to consider the purpose of these products. Typically, the main purpose is to provide a convenient source…

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Vegetarian Fuelling and Muscle Maintenance

By Andrew Hall, AccSD. This article first appeared on Apple to Zucchini.   There are certainly many benefits to including…

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Beating Diabetes – Who to trust and when to ask questions

Beating Diabetes - with credible nutrition advice

We are not going to sugarcoat it (pardon the pun!) – diabetes management is complex. Recently, a popular media outlet…

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Healthy Eating and How to Get the Right Advice

healthy eating advice

Interest in health and wellness is growing; with blogs and magazines full of fresh, healthy recipes and fitness tips. Perfect. But with…

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Meat free protein sources

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Coeliac Disease & athletes

For more information, please read our Coeliac Disease and athlete Fact Sheet

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Tips for managing your sports nutrition goals as a gluten free athlete

managing coeliac disease

By Steph Gaskell, APD, Accredited Sports Dietitian, IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition   There may be various reasons why you as…

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Fighting Fatigue

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Protein Shakes Vs Wholefoods

  Protein shakes, and other supplements, are not a replacement for good food. You should always aim to eat nutrient…

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Magnesium + cramping during exercise

magnesium and cramping

I often get muscle cramps when running, should I be taking a magnesium supplement? Anyone who has suffered from a…

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Food trucks – enjoying yourself without compromising your training goals

By Felicity Curtain, Student Dietitian The last few years has seen food trucks take over as the dining trend of…

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Get your man in the Kitchen

By Joel Feren, Provisional Sports Dietitian   As we all know, men’s health is a topic most blokes tend to…

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The transition from junior football to the big stage (AFL)

Accredited Sports Dietitian Jessica Spendlove sat down with Jack Steele, a first year draftee at the GWS GIANTS, to ask…

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Nutrition and V8 supercars

By Kerry Leech, SDA Fellow.   During the 2013 V8 supercar season I was fortunate to be given the opportunity…

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Recognising one of sport’s best kept secrets – Accredited Sports Dietitians

2013-2014 was an interesting year in Australian sport – a year where the extensive use of questionable supplements and alleged…

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Spilling the Beans on Caffeine

caffeine in sport

It’s no surprise to see a row of bikes against the cafe wall at a mid-ride stop but what is it about caffeine? Can it really be that good for your ride?

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The Australian Open – Challenges for an athlete

Australian Open tennis

The Australian Open is one of the country’s biggest international events. Nearly 650,000 spectators entered the gates to be part…

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Nutrition Challenges of the Female Triathlete

By Alicia Edge, AdvSD.   Despite the numerous advantages to being a female triathlete, the drive to achieve and succeed…

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Marathon Nutrition – Fuel like an athlete

Most participants in any given marathon cover the second half of the race slower than the first, many slow down…

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SDA Female Athlete Symposium: Clarifying the Evidence

THURSDAY 22nd OCTOBER 9.00AM – 4.30PM MC’d by SDA Fellow Kerry Leech, leading presenters in the field will unpack the…

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