SDA Coaches Toolkit

Welcome to the Coaches Toolkit developed for you by Australia’s leading Sports Dietitians.

Australia’s coaches have asked and we have responded with a one stop platform for nutrition advice that our members have found works well with athletes and support staff.

The following factsheets provide answers to common questions we receive from athletes and support staff. To access these resources please click on the links below;

  1. A Guide to Supplements
  2. A Guide to Supporting Immunity for Athletes
  3. A Guide to Protein-Rich Meals
  4. A Guide to Healthy Meals for Active People

The information is general and will help athletes and support staff to better understand their dietary needs. Links are provided so that they can connect with an Accredited Sports Dietitian for personalised advice. Group sessions is another way that helps athletes and support staff understand how to tailor their diet to their sport within the supportive environment of the team.

If any athlete or team requires additional information or more individualised nutrition plans then please use this link to connect with an Accredited Sports Dietitian.