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    Sports Nutrition Course

    Sports Nutrition Course – Pay Balance – November 2017

    Please pay the balance of your SNC registration fee here. Member balance: $1,145 Non-member balance: $1,380 Please ensure you are…

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    Sports Nutrition Course

    Sports Nutrition Course – Application – November 2017

    Please read the attached Guide before commencing your application:

    Guide to completing your online application

    If you have any queries about your application, please contact Marie, or 03 9699 8634.

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    Dairy Foods: Weight, Body Composition & Health (online module)

    This 30min Online Learning Module will provide fitness professionals with current scientific knowledge to best support clients regarding the consumption of dairy products.  (But note that the information will be of interest to anyone who is seeking clarification about the consumption of dairy and its role in their daily diet).

    Specifically this module will help bust three of the common myths about dairy (regarding sugar levels, lactose intolerance and inflammation) and demonstrates that dairy does not interfere with weight or fat loss.

    This module also supports the professional scope and boundaries  of fitness professionals as outlined in “Fitness Australia Position Statement: Scope of Practice for Registered Exercise Professionals”.

    Fitness Australia CEC = 1