Creating a Positive Performance Culture

As a coach you play a key role in creating a safe and supportive environment for your athlete, squad or team.  Language and commentary around nutrition, body composition and movement can influence the actions of your athlete(s) impacting on their health and performance.

We encourage you and or your athletes to work closely with an Accredited Sports Dietitian, who can provide individualised and purposeful recommendations, to safely guide your athlete, IF a nutritional intervention is indicated to support any body composition changes that is a critical performance or success factor (e.g. to gain muscle, optimise lean muscle composition or reduce total mass for athletes who need to ‘make weight’ for their sport). In any of these circumstances, every opportunity to minimise harm and adverse risk to your athlete’s health, safety as well as reduce the risk of disordered eating or eating disorders should be made.

For more information download the ‘Creating a Positive Performance Culture’ factsheet.