The role of the Sports Dietitian working with a team is unique.  The Working with Teams Masterclass is designed to provide SDA members with an opportunity to learn more about navigating the team sport environment.  An effective nutrition program is not just about having sports nutrition knowledge – it’s very much about the when, how and why to create high performance nutrition programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of a sports team and have a real and ongoing impact on team culture and success.  This masterclass pre-learning will have a strong focus on the practical aspects of working with teams, as well as covering key technical aspects.

The face-to-face workshop aims to provide the opportunity for productive discussions through case studies and practical examples. This will create a supportive learning environment to foster creativity, ideas and inspiration for SD’s to transfer into their work with sports teams now and into the future.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the key practicalities and sports nutrition challenges working with women’s team sport.
  • Understanding of working within the high-performance team environment – challenges, strategies and the multi-faceted role of the sports dietitian.
  • Understanding the value of relationship building and its impact on growing a sports dietitians role.
  • Developing leadership and understanding your strategic direction, aligning with team strategy.
  • Understanding of the role of the sports dietitian in measuring and monitoring of body composition within a team environment – optimising the impact of monitoring and reporting for effective training and performance outcomes over a season.
  • Understanding of iron metabolism and current recommendations for iron levels in athletes and how to interpret results specific to the demands of the athlete

Online Learning (pre workshop)

Module 1: Women’s Team Sports: An insight to practicalities and challenges

Module 2: The Nuances of Team Sport: Understanding the dynamics of the sports dietitian’s role, industry learnings and practical application.

Module 3: Sports Dietitians are more than just the fat police – why body composition monitoring is only part of the SD’s role in a team.

Module 4: Iron for the Team Sport Athlete – Contemporary strategies in optimizing iron.

Each module contains:

  • 1 x 30-45min online presentation
  • 10 Multi Choice Questions
  • Links to additional references for Optional Further Reading
  • 1 x Case Study to pre read in preparation for face-to-face workshop

Online modules are to be completed between 26 August – 23 September (our recommendation is to complete 1 per week)

Face-to-face Workshop

The 3-hour workshop will focus on the practical application of the knowledge learned through the four online modules.

Lisa Middleton and Dane Baker will share their extensive expertise in bringing the content together and working through the case studies relative to each module.