Nutrition for Masters Athletes Factsheet

Masters athletes are a diverse group comprising a range of ages, competitive and/or health goals, previous sporting experience, and health status. In many sports the masters categories begin at age 30-35, however the minimum age depends on the sport – some masters competitions accept competitors as young as 18Many athletes compete at ages that are older than thisthe combined average age of competitors at recent Masters Games in Australia was over 50, and the maximum was 89! As an athlete ages their needs can become more specialised, so consulting with an Accredited Sports Dietitian is recommended. This fact sheet is targeted to the older masters competitors. 

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Masters Swimmers pre and post workout tips

As a Masters Swimmer we understand that you are part of unique group of athletes with important nutritional needs that deserves your attention and investment.

With life experience comes greater wisdom, however there is also the inevitable loss of muscle mass, strength and function known as sarcopenia as we age, as well as reductions in bone strength associated with hormonal changes.

Exercise and a nutritious training diet complement one another like jigsaw pieces. They will support each other if pieced correctly and complete the picture of your health and performance in the water! Masters swimmers have unique nutritional requirements. Key nutrients including protein, creatine, iron, B12, calcium and Vitamin D, can all play a valuable role in supporting your health and performance, without forgetting great quality carbohydrate foods to fuel your physical and immune systems.

Watch these great videos by Steph Cronin, Accredited Sports Dietitian for some pre and post training tips for Masters Swimmers.

Pre-training nutrition for Masters Swimmers


Post-training nutrition for Masters Swimmers

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Summer Berry and Passionfruit Pudding

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