Fuelling Footy


The demand on a football player’s body is immense, regardless of which code of football, whether rugby, AFL, touch, or soccer. Some positions on the ground require speed and agility, while others require strength and endurance. Keeping up with these demands on the body requires high-intensity training, strength, skill work and the appropriate fuel for your body.

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to get help with your nutrition, nor do you need to turn to specialised sports foods. An Accredited Sports Dietitian can help you get there on your own.


Getting your nutrition right is key to a good performance

Performing at your best starts with fuelling your body, and particularly, fuelling your body the right way at the right time. Despite the similarities between codes there are also key differences that will affect your timing and preparation before a big game. Our factsheets will help guide you on the nutrition and hydration needs for each football code.


Fuelling for AFL players

Fuelling for Rugby League players

Fuelling for Rugby Union players

Fuelling for Rugby Sevens players

Fuelling for Soccer players

Fuelling for Touch Football players


Fuelling for junior AFL players

Fuelling for junior Rugby players

Fuelling for junior Soccer players



For aspiring football players, it’s also important to understand their nutrition needs in order to best manage the demands on their body as they transition into representative and academy roles. For an insight into this experience, read our interview with GWS GIANTS player Jack Steele.



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