Fuelling & Recovery

Dairy and Sports Nutrition

dairy (3)

Good nutrition is vital for performance, whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend 2.5–4 serves…

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Runner’s Gut


The urgency to find a bathroom (also known as runner’s “trots” or runner’s gut) can ruin a perfectly good training…

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Nutrition for the travelling athlete

Nutrition and the travelling athlete

Travel is a part of life for many athletes but can present many challenges for meeting nutritional goals. Whether you’re…

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Sports Drinks

sports drinks

Sports drinks and performance For optimal performance, athletes should be hydrated and adequately fuelled during exercise. Although there are a…

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Dental Health for athletes


Why worry about oral health? As an athlete, the dedication of training, eating well, staying hydrated and meeting nutritional goals…

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Cramps & Stitches


You have trained hard, are mentally focused, feeling at your peak and have the desire to perform better than ever….

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Fluids in Sport

shoes and fluids

Why is fluid important during exercise?

Water has many important roles in the body and is required to maintain blood volume and regulate body temperature. During exercise the body cools itself by sweating but this ultimately results in a loss of body fluid which, if not replaced, can lead to dehydration. Sweat production (fluid loss) increases with increasing temperature and humidity, as well as with an increase in exercise intensity.

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Fighting Fatigue

Fighting Fatigue_Running girl_sml

Most people will experience tiredness or fatigue at some stage during training. And, in most cases, this may be due…

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Bone Health

Bone health

Why worry about bone health?

Many people are unaware that bone is a metabolically active tissue. Each day old bone is broken down (bone resorption) and new bone is created (bone formation). Adolescence is a particularly important time for bone health as it is during this period that we accumulate the greatest amount of bone and achieve peak bone mass (PBM).

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Recovery Nutrition

Nutrition for Adolescent Athletes

How important is recovery nutrition after exercise? The importance of recovery nutrition depends on the type and duration of exercise…

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Eating & Drinking during Exercise

Eating & Drinking during exercise

Do I need to eat or drink during exercise? How much you need to eat or drink during exercise depends…

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Eating & Drinking before Exercise

Eating and drinking before Exercise

Why worry about pre-exercise nutrition? So, you have set yourself a goal… A charity fun run? Perhaps your first full…

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